Have You Been Using Your Trim Tabs Correctly? 

Using trim tabs to get on the plane is relatively simple.

To correct excessive bow rise, deploy your tabs down all the way and bring your engine or drive to its most negative-trim position. This should flatten your takeoff angle when you punch the throttle(s) and offer improved visibility forward. Once your boat is up on the plane, adjust the tabs to reduce your hull’s wetted surface and keep level across the beam. Bring your engine(s) trim up accordingly too in order to make the prop as perpendicular to the water as possible for a level running attitude.

Trim Tabs are great for many reasons!

  1.  Fixing a Listing Boat
  2. Stay on Plane at Lower Speeds
  3. Get on The Plane Faster
  4. The Increased Lift Reduces Stress and Resistance on The Boat’s Hull
  5. Improves Handling and Control

Please do not hesitate to message or call us if you have any questions or would like to book in a practical training session.

Happy Boating From The Team @boatwisesydney