Top tips for picking up a mooring buoy

Picking up a mooring is far simpler than docking or anchoring. But many boaters never learn this simple technique and are intimidated to try in close-packed mooring fields.

Let’s be real, picking up a mooring buoy from the water isn’t really rocket science.

Yet somehow, we often manage to mess it up: witness those unseemly scenes where the crew is hanging off the bow frantically clinging on to a rope while their arms are almost ripped out of their sockets.

With lots of shouting and too much power, the boat will eventually be attached to the mooring.

We have listed below the 6 key steps on how to keep your crew safe whilst picking up a mooring buoy.

  1. Prepare yourself and the crew (Communication is key especially when the skipper can’t see the mooring)
  2. Position the bow of the vessel into the wind
  3. Approach the mooring slowly (In & out of gear, utilising the momentum created from being in gear)
  4. Stop the boat with the mooring floating just off the bow
  5. Retrieve the mooring utilising a boat hook if needed
  6. Secure mooring to the boat (If the mooring line is too thick run your own dock line through the spliced eye on the mooring and back to your bow)

If you’re interested in learning how to do this correctly and safely onboard your own vessel, feel free to send a message or give us a call.

Don’t Learn The Hard Way, Learn The Boat Wise Way!