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At Boat Wise Sydney, we want all our fellow Captains to enjoy safe and positive experiences out on the water.

Our highly knowledgeable boating professionals have always loved being out there and we want our clients to feel the same. We know that the best way to learn is at the helm of your boat and not from your desk!

*As a proud supporter of Marine Rescue NSW, Boat Wise Sydney also helps to minimize loss of life & injury, vessel damage and environmental impact associated with the use of recreational boats.

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Meet Trainer Tristian

The master instructor behind Boat Wise

Meet Tristian, the owner of Boat Wise and a true boating enthusiast. Tristian’s passion for boating shines through in everything he does, from teaching boat handling to promoting safety on the water. He is a results-driven individual who is dedicated to helping others develop their skills and confidence on the water.

Tristian has a deep understanding of the importance of safety when boating and is committed to sharing his knowledge with others. He is a patient and a dedicated instructor who takes the time to ensure that everyone in his boat training sessions understands the material and feels comfortable on the water.

In addition to his teaching skills, Tristian is also an accomplished boater himself. He has extensive experience navigating the waters on the east coast, and has a keen understanding of local conditions. This experience allows him to provide his students with practical, real-world examples that help to make the material more relatable and engaging.

At Boat Wise, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible training experience. Tristian and our team of instructors work hard to create a welcoming and supportive learning environment where students can develop their skills and confidence on the water. We offer a variety of training programs, from beginner to advanced, to meet the needs of all our students.

If you’re looking to improve your boating skills or just want to spend some time out on the water, we invite you to join us at Boat Wise. With Tristian’s expert instruction and dedication to safety, you can trust that you’re in good hands on the water. Browse our website or contact us to learn more about our training programs and schedule your next lesson with Trainer Tristian.


At BoatWise, our mission is to empower boaters of all skill levels with the practical training, knowledge and resources they need to safely and confidently navigate the waters. We strive to provide the most comprehensive practical boat training and educational information through our website articles, courses, and community. We are committed to promoting responsible boating and preserving our waterways for future generations to come.


Our vision is to be the premier destination for boating enthusiasts seeking knowledge, practical training, educational resources, and tools to make the most out of their boating experience. We aim to be known for our commitment to safety, results, quality, and customer service, and to be a leader in promoting sustainable and responsible boating practices.

offering an experience you can trust to build your confidence out on the water.

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Prioritising the safety of boaters through practical training and educational recourses whilst fostering a culture of safety within the company.


A commitment to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring the satisfaction of all customers.


A dedication to providing the highest quality practical training and boating services whilst continuously seeking ways to improve and innovate.


A commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable boating practices.


A genuine love and appreciation for boating and the boating community.


A commitment to providing dependable and trustworthy resources, products, and services to the boating community.


A willingness to embrace new ideas and technologies to enhance the boating experience.


A commitment to providing only the best products and services to the boating community and continuously working towards improvement.

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Party on the port side? Don’t be starboard, learn your sidelights! ✅⬇️

Use your vessel’s sidelights to help you remember how to navigate in a channel: Green to Green when going Upstream, Green to Red when Seas are Ahead! 🌊🛥️

Safe & Happy Boating!! ⚓️


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5 Steps on Picking up a Swing Mooring with Ease!?! ☀️⚓️

Swing moorings are a dream for carefree days on the water, but picking one up can feel tricky.  Don't worry, mateys! BoatWise has you covered with these simple steps:

1. Be a Wind Whisperer:  Check the wind and current before approaching. Ideally, come in against the wind or current for better control. (which ever is stronger)

2. Line Up Like a Boss: Steer towards the mooring line at an angle to avoid snagging it on your prop.

3. Slow and Steady Wins: Go slow! Use your neutral gear to control your speed & momentum.

4. Hooked & Happy: Use a boat hook to snag the mooring line's loop.

5. Secure Your Boat: Cleat the line to a secure spot on your boat and relax!

Bonus Tip: Practice in a calm conditions first!!

Want to master your mooring skills? We offer private training to boost your confidence.  Just shoot us a DM!


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Look who’s officially a boating pro! 🛥️ Huge congrats to Esmond on mastering the art of manoeuvring, anchoring, navigation, and everything in between on his brand new Jeanneau Merry Fisher! (Sold by @mw_marine ) 👏 

Thanks for trusting Boat Wise for your private training! We’re thrilled to see your confidence soar alongside your boating skills! 😎

Want to be the next captain in command?  Our expert trainers at Boat Wise are the best in the business! 

Head to our website to learn more about our private tuition packages! ✅


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Hit the waves with BoatWise - Boating education that floats your boat!🛥️ 

BoatWise makes getting your boat licence fun, easy, and stress-free! 🙃

Why Choose Boat Wise??

* Flexible Learning: Choose from private or group courses to fit your schedule.
* ‍ Expert Instructors: Learn from our friendly and highly experienced instructors.
* Hands-on Training: Get comfortable at the helm with practical experience on Sydney Harbour driving our training vessel.
* Master the Essentials: Navigation, safety, collision regulations, and boat handling - all covered!
* Fun & Engaging Courses: Learn the ropes in a fun and interactive environment. You'll be a confident boater in no time

Don't wait! Become BoatWise and unlock a world of adventure! (Once this rain stops) 😎😂


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Man Overboard: Mayday or Pan Pan? ⚠️

Confusion can arise during emergencies! Let's clear things up about using a Marine VHF Radio in a Man Overboard (MOB) situation.

The Crucial Choice: Mayday vs Pan Pan

* Mayday: Used for life-threatening emergencies where immediate assistance is needed (e.g., sinking vessel). 🆘
* Pan Pan: Used for urgent situations where assistance is needed, but not a life-threatening emergency (e.g., person overboard but still visible).

Why Clarity Matters:
* Mayday calls have a strict format to ensure critical info reaches rescuers quickly. ️
* Using Mayday when unnecessary can block other distress calls.

MOB Scenarios & Radio Use:
* Person overboard, still visible: Pan Pan is appropriate while rescue efforts are underway.
* Lost sight of person overboard: MayDay can be used to request nearby vessels to slow down and search.

Key Takeaways
* Use the lowest priority call that achieves your goal (leaving higher priorities for others).
* Pan Pan can be upgraded to Mayday if needed, but downgrading Mayday is difficult.
* Sound judgment is crucial. Don't rely on hearsay, as the skipper use your own assessment.

* Mayday: Life-threatening emergency, immediate assistance needed.
* Pan Pan: Urgent situation, assistance needed, not life-threatening.
* Always prioritize safety and clear communication.

Stay Safe & Be Prepared! 


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We were invited to test drive the ALL-NEW and first-in-Australia Navan C30! 🇦🇺 This beauty boasts a whopping 500hp, making cruising around the harbour a breeze!

Not only is she powerful, but the Navan C30 is incredibly user-friendly and manoeuvres like a dream. We put her to the test with a sharp 90° turn at 44 knots, and she handled it flawlessly!

A massive thanks to @navanboatsaustralia for having us on board this amazing vessel. 🙏✅

We're truly impressed! 👏


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Learning shouldn't be a drag, especially when your classroom is the stunning Sydney Harbour! 

At BoatWise, we make getting your boat licence fun and engaging! 

In this pic, Trainer, Captain Alan Ramos is showing our students the ropes (pun intended) on navigation markers and all the hazards they'll encounter while cruising the harbour. ⚠️ 

Ready to set sail on your boating adventure?  Contact BoatWise today to learn more about our courses! 


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