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At Boat Wise Sydney, we want all our fellow Captains to get the most out of their boating experience whilst being safe.

Our highly knowledgeable boating professionals have always loved being on the water and we want our clients to feel the same. We know that the best way to learn is at the helm of your boat and not from your desk!

*As a proud supporter of Marine Rescue NSW, Boat Wise Sydney also helps to minimize loss of life & injury, vessel damage and environmental impact associated with the use of recreational boats.

Tristian with happy Boat Wise customer

The Boat Wise Story

After a life spent growing up around the water, Tristian has always been passionate about boating.

From learning the ropes as a young boy, Tristian’s deep ties to boating have led him to become professionally involved in the industry for almost a decade.
After purchasing his first boat over 11 years ago he couldn’t have been more excited. But there was one problem. Training services to support the active learning and education a first-time boat owner needs were non-existent.

With that realisation, the idea for Boat Wise was born.

Boat Wise started making waves as more people understood there was a service out there where they could learn the ins and outs of their boats safely with an experienced professional at the helm.

With experience on a wide variety of vessels from jet boats, mono & multi hulled boats, fishing boats to larger sports cruisers, Tristian offers personalised boat training for all skill levels and experiences. With the aim to pass on knowledge of safe and enjoyable boating, Tristian prides himself on the ability to continually tailor his service to customer’s needs and provide the best experience possible.

Tristian also works closely with Sydney Boathouse to train staff in-house and oversee the major operation, docking and maintenance of over 260 different types of vessels.

He is dedicated to educating and supporting the maritime community by incorporating his love of boats into experiences with clients so they too can get the most out of their time on the water.

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