Pros and Cons of Bowrider Boats

A wakeboarder behind a 2020 Bowrider Boat. You can find bowrider boats for sale in Australia at Boat Deals.
Bowrider boats are one of the most popular models you will find for sale in Australia. Their versatility and extensive range make them a great option for any boatie.

Bowrider Boats –

The bowrider is a highly popular and versatile vessel that has been used for recreational purposes for many years. With hundreds of boat manufacturers around the world building bowrider boats, there is an enormous selection of options.

Bowriders are the perfect boat for water activities like skiing and wakeboarding. Every boatie can find a bowrider that suits them. They are a fantastic boat for an entry level skipper or for more experienced captains alike.

The best thing about bowriders is the extensive range of models available and the versatility these boats provide. You can do so many things with a bowrider, and they are enjoyed all around the world. This article will be a guide on bowriders and where to find Bowrider boats for sale in Australia.

Why Choose Bowrider Boats?


Bowrider boats are a superb option if you’re looking for action packed entertainment. Bowriders are great for many things, but are especially great for more of an adrenaline junkie, so if you like carving around the rivers and lakes on a water ski, or getting towed behind the boat on a seabiscuit, you need a bowrider.

A bowrider is also known as a family boat and there some models geared more towards family usage and other models more geared towards watersports and adventure. The bowrider has a large capacity that enables you to take your family and friends with you for the day and have a great time. They also have the facilities that you’ll need such as a toilet, sink, fridge, grill and usually a killer sound system to bring the tunes.

Another significant aspect of bowriders is how safe they are. Many bowrider models come with safety features to prevent children from falling out of the boat. This gives some well-needed peace of mind when taking your family out on a boating adventure.


One of the most common issues that prevent people from becoming boat owners is the major cost of buying one. Bowriders however are generally very affordable, and are a great place to start if you’re new to boating.

Bowriders come in such a wide range of models that there is a bowrider to suit everyone’s budget. There is a luxury bowrider range and a value bowrider range. The prices depend on the features of the boats; which means the costs can vary widely.

It’s possible to find entry level bowriders for around $40,000, they are quite basic, but still perfect for some family fun. They may not have many amenities, but they will still provide your family and friends with hours of entertainment. Whatever your budget, there is a perfect bowrider for you.


The versatility of a bowrider is one of its superior features that sets it apart from the rest. You can use a bowrider for pretty much anything you want. They can be used for adventurous activities such as watersports, and also recreational activities such as fishing. Some of the higher end models include sleeping berths so they can be used as more than a day boat.

Ease of use

Bowriders are very easy to use and quick to get on the water. Driving a bowrider is notoriously simple and straightforward, which is excellent for drivers who aren’t that experienced or confident. They’re the ideal entry level boat for wannabe skippers. Ask any salty sea dog what their first boat was and chances are, it was a bowrider.

Bowriders aren’t meant for choppy and dangerous waters, but if it’s of significant size, say over 30ft, they can still handle it well, you may just need a more experienced captain. Bowriders are best suited to calm, predictable waters like lakes and rivers.


Bowriders come in all different shapes and sizes. The great thing about the bowriders is the larger models can hold up to 15 people, and even the little 16 footers can still hold 5 or 6 people. The capacity for its size of a bowrider gives it a real edge over its competitors.

When thinking about size, you also need to consider the engine you choose. Think about the activities you will be doing on your boat and what type of power you may need. A boat dealer will be able to advise you on the necessary engine size for your requirements and experience level. A larger engine will be needed if you plan on frequently taking out the extended family and their friends, but for most cases, the mid of the range power option is sufficient.


Bowriders can be very fast if you want them to be. The smaller models include bowriders that can reach an impressive 40 knots, and even at these speeds the bowriders are easy to drive and smooth to turn in calm waters. Speed is often crucial for the adventurous water sports fanatics that tend to buy these types of boats.

Downside to a Buying a Bowrider?

Limited Overnight use

There are some downsides to buying a bowrider. One of the downsides is the limited overnight use. Although larger bowriders are very spacious and great for many guests, most of them are not designed for overnighting and so they are mostly just used as day boats.

Limited Space and Seating Options

Although bowriders provide great carrying capacity in terms of people they can carry, bowriders have relatively tight seating arrangements. That creates a problem for older guests that might need more legroom or those who simply prefer more personal space. If it’s family that isn’t usually such an issue, but it’s worth keeping in mind how you plan to use your boat.

Where to buy Bowrider Boats for Sale?

There are many bowriders for sale in Australia. The majority of boats for sale can be found online.

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