• Correct docking and anchoring techniques
  • Understanding weather forecasts, tides & currents
  • Safety equipment requirements
  • Tying lines and hanging fenders
  • Picking up a mooring buoy
  • Beaching a boat
  • What to do when in emergency situations
  • Vessel maintenance
  • Handling busy traffic and boating etiquette

Preparing for your boat license?

If you need that extra hands-on support, we’ve got you covered. A training session with Boat Wise can help you show evidence of practical boating experience and get you prepped to pass the knowledge test.

Would you like to teach the family about boat safety and operating your new vessel?

We demonstrate and provide real-time training on your boat to support you with everything you need to venture into the harbour and beyond with your family, both confidently and safely. Sessions are kept to a maximum of two people, from age 12 and up. 

Boat Wise Sydney can organise tailored maintenance for all your vessel requirements.

From boat detailing, vessel repairs, mechanical work, and marine trimming, the Boat Wise team can provide the right service to keep your boat looking fresh and running in mint condition all year round.

Has it been a few years since you’ve been at the helm?

No problem, our boat training lessons are the perfect refresher to help you remember the ins and outs of safe & enjoyable boating.

Are you an experienced boater who is looking to take your skills to the next level?

We also offer advanced training to expand on specialised skills.

  • multi-engine operation
  • night-time operation and navigation
  • docking in high winds
  • boat trailoring, launching and recovery.

And of course, beginner sessions are available for those who would love to learn.

As well as a variety of other specialised boating skills and safety techniques.

One of our highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals will first meet with you to discuss your needs. And then it’s out on the water.

All sessions run for min 3 hours; however all-day training sessions are available. Contact us to find out more.

Personalised Packages

At Boat Wise every session is tailored to the needs of our clients. With a no one-size-fits-all approach, our expert trainers are passionate about providing our clients a custom training experience depending on their boating requirements.